Welcome to No Barriers Foundation


Hello and welcome

The No Barriers Foundation is a not for profit organisation based in Letterkenny Co. Donegal. Our aim is to create an inclusive health facility equipped with specialist neurological equipment allowing Anyone with a disability to train and improve their current level of physical and mental health by targeting mobility, strength and physical fitness regardless of their current baseline.

gives you hope for the future, that walking is possible.

About the Foundation

In December 2016 No barriers launched the ‘’Positive Steps Campaign’’ to raise the funds necessary to bring an Ekso Bionic Suit to Donegal. The Exoskeleton is a comprehensive gait therapy tool which provides an unparalleled rehabilitation experience for patients and therapists alike. The Ekso Bionic Suit has been designed to provide walking exercise for people with complete spinal cord injury.  Smart Assist features also provide pre walking exercises, such as balance training and squats.  The Smart Assist features also provide specialist gait training for people who have some retained function.  This makes Ekso useful for addressing people’s gait training requirements following incomplete spinal cord injury, stroke and those living with neurological conditions such as MS.  The nearest Ekso Bionic Suit to us is located in Westmeath, stark reading considering there are 64 people in Donegal with spinal cord injury and approx. 276 diagnosed with MS. We are setting out to purchase an Ekso Bionic Suit.  A fund of €150,000 is being raised to purchase and operate the suit over the coming years for the Donegal Community.  The Ekso will be based in and owned by the community.