The Ekso GT is a powered hip-knee medical rehabilitation exoskeleton developed by Ekso Bionics.  This is the first exoskeleton to be approved by the FDA for those recovering from a stroke.  It is also approved for use with individuals with spinal cord injury.

The Ekso GT™ is a robotic exoskeleton for comprehensive gait therapy which provides a superior rehabilitation experience for patients and therapists alike.  The Ekso GT is a tool to supplement professional physiotherapists, not replace them.  The use of this exoskeleton allows for a greater number of consistent steps with the appropriate weight shift to be conducted in every rehabilitation session.

The Ekso GT is approved by the FDA for use with:

  • hemiplegia due to stroke
  • SCI at levels of T4 to L5 and levels of T3 to C7

Design features of the Ekso GT:

  • Acuated powered hip-knee exoskeleton
  • Variable Assist controls, the Esko GT can apply power from 0 to 100% as needed on a step by step basis.
  • Adjustable on the fly assistance level and operation mode
  • Encourages correct body posture

Additional features:

  • Integrated tether attachment for stability with extreme mobility and/or balance impairment.
  • Ability for the device to recalculated assistance based on gait data gathered after each step the rehabilitation participant takes.
  • Compatible for use in a therapeutic environment by patients with mobility impairment due to spinal cord injury up to C7 complete.
  • Has different integrated control modes:
    • spotter activated
    • user activated (button on crutches or walker)
    • activated upon user completing weight shift
    • body shift and initiation of forward leg movement
    • body shift, initiation of forward leg movement and dynamic variable assist from 0 to 100% (the Ekso GT will provide only the necessary power to finish the step).

To book an appointment to use the exoskeleton please download and fill out the following forms or contact for more information.

Ekso Medical Release Form Edited

Ekso Customer Information Form