Home Exercises Post Stroke

Exercises to complete at home during Covid-19 for post-stroke individuals.

While you are self-isolating at home, you can and should be keeping physically active. Your physical and mental health with greatly benefit from regular exercise. In this post you will find a few simple exercises you can do at home, using household items.

Exercise Guidelines

Avoiding inactivity during these challenging Covid-19 times is very important. Any amount of exercise is better than none. If you have any questions regarding adapting exercises to your specific needs please do not hesitate to contact No Barriers. Exercise of any form will be beneficial at this time but a combination of aerobic and strength has a better balance. Try to get outside for a walk, staying within 2km of your home and maintaining social distancing guidelines when you’re out.

Scheduling Exercise

It is best to exercise in routines of at least 30 minutes. But even as little as 10 minutes of physical activity at a time can provide health benefits. If possible, spread out your exercises throughout the week. The more time you spend exercising, the better you will feel.


Always make sure to do a short warm up to prepare your body for exercise. Some examples on how to warm up are; a 5 minute walk, jumping jacks, running on the spot or skipping.

The following exercises can be done with two water bottles, two cans of beans, two bags of sugar or any household items like the above. These exercises can also be done with no weight at all if that is more suited to your abilities, you will still get great benefits from it.

Single- Arm Front Raise

•Stand straight holding a water bottle in each hand with
an overhand group. Hold water bottles in front of thighs
with palms facing thighs, keeping arms straight.
•Raise left arm straight out in front up to shoulder level,
lower again and lift opposite arm.
Your palms must always face down for this exercise.

Repetitions: 10
Sets: 3

Bicep Curls

•Start with feet shoulder width apart and a bottle
in each hand.
•Keep your elbows close to your sides and start to bend
elbow and bring hands up towards shoulders.
•Try not to swing your hips to get the weight moving.
•Hold at top position for one second and slowly lower to
start position.

Repetitions: 10
Sets: 3

Tricep Kickbacks

•Hold two water bottles with an overhand grip,
stand tall with chest up and core braced. Bend
at hips while keeping back flat.
•Bring your upper arms to your sides, Begin by pushing
the water bottles back and behind you.
•Pause at the top of the movement and slowly
lower the water bottles and begin again.

Repetitions: 10
Sets: 3

Shoulder Press

•Holding two water bottles, stand straight,
with your feet shoulder width apart..
•Raise the water bottles to head height by rotating
arms forward and up.
•Elbows should be bent to 90 degrees. This is the
starting position.
•Using only your arms, extend through your shoulders and
straighten out the elbows, overhead. Hold for one second
and squeeze shoulder muscles.
•Slowly return to start position.

Repetitions: 10
Sets: 3

Cool Down