Jimmy Harte

As someone who is learning to walk again, I cannot stress how much a piece of equipment like an Exoskeleton would mean to my own recovery. I tried one out a few months back and it was an amazing feeling to be upright and walking, it gave me a confidence and a push to keep improving

Jimmy HarteEx Senator

Donegal has wonderful people working in the health service but unfortunately they are working with limited resources. An exoskeleton for the county would mean that people like myself with head injury, stroke or MS would have an opportunity to explore other avenues of rehabilitation and maximise our chances to live as independently as possible, and improve our physical strength.

Furthermore, the most recent figures available show that Donegal has a disproportionately high incidence of collision-related head injury while the 2015 National Stroke Register shows that outside of Dublin and Cork, Donegal has the highest incidence of stroke in the country

Anita Jackson

“Since using the exoskeleton, i have found that the muscles in my legs are getting stronger and the pain in my back has been getting profoundly less and is much stronger also. Also the many benefits of being upright and walking is extremely rewarding”

Anita JacksonCurrent Exo User